QR Code Art Show Culture Days 2011

Artistrun Collective QR Code Art Show 

Vancouver, Canada – The Artistrun Collective QR Code Art Show takes place during the second annual Culture Days to raise community awareness, accessibility and public engagement through the use of QR codes. This show will be promoted on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and unique QR codes to encourage the viewer to obtain the location of the Old Foundry Building for the free reception on Saturday, October 1, 2011 (3 pm to 9 pm) at 1790 Vernon Drive, Vancouver across from Unitow.

At the historic Old Foundry Building, the public will also meet the diverse Artistrun Collective: Liza J. Lee, Carolyn Kramer, Stacy Sakai, Rojia Dadashzadeh and James Landecker. The group will unveil four newly commissioned collaborative art works on wood panels to demonstrate the “mashup” of individual art styles and mixed media, along with over 40 original art pieces. Auret Esselen will provide a live singing performance during the reception. Sponsors include Fuzion, Vancouver Foundation, Prosyna Communication, Pacific Coast Information Systems (PCIS) and Sound Therapy Radio.

In addition to the sign-in book on October 1, guests are encouraged to scan the Artistrun Collective QR Code on location for a chance to win free art and prizes. People of all ages will also enjoy the antiquity of the Old Foundry Building, once accessible by boat a century ago. Over the decades, it has been the manufacturing hub for marine parts, wood processing, railway parts, mining supplies, as well as cast steel, cast iron, bronze and copper products. It is now the location of several artist studios, ranging from stone sculptures, to paintings and costumes.

About QR Codes

The QR (Quick Response) code is two-dimensional and readable by QR barcode readers and camera phones. It consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background with encoded information of text, URLs or other data. The QR Code contains information in both vertical and horizontal directions, whereas a bar code contains data in one direction only. Therefore, the QR Code holds considerably greater volume of information than a bar code. Although popular in Japan, the adoption rate has been much slower in Canada.

However, the aesthetic appeal of QR codes, the rise of smartphones and call to actions with incentives is furthering its adoption rate. Also, the ability to measure click-through rates, while capturing temporal, geographic and demographic data make QR codes a rising interest among advertisers. QR codes connect the physical world of print, from newspapers, magazines, business cards, clothing, signage, or other materials to the virtual world of the internet. PCIS will use a soon to be released social media analytics web application to track QR codes on posters in Vancouver to measure the adoption rate of QR codes.

About the Artistrun Collective (formerly Artistrun.org)

The Artistrun Collective was involved in the inaugural 2010 Culture Days (post below) for the “Craftivism Show”, which was promoted as one of 4500 events in over 700 cities across Canada in the Globe & Mail. The show featured 20 local artists who exhibited 60 art pieces that utilize found materials and recycling due to the theme of sustainable community including anti-consumerism, slow time, geo-social networking, environmentalism and sustainability. The “Craftivism Show” reflected the Culture Days value that a vibrant arts and cultural sector contributes directly to a healthy and stable society.

The Artistrun Collective was co-founded in 2000 and coined after the “artist-run centre”, a term for artist-initiated and artist-centric approaches to promoting art events. Artistrun.org is also an artist collective, where its members work together and share social media assets: WordPress blog, Twitter and Facebook to announce the upcoming Artistrun Collective QR Code Art Show for Culture Days.

QR Code Art Show Flickr Set

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