Circle Paintings at 3D Virtual Art Galleries

3D Virtual Art Galleries

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It started with a virtual art show and a tiny budget of $60 for a Facebook ad campaign for 16 circle paintings in the Seedstock Virtual Art Show. We received a lot of likes and comments, so we decided to look for shops at busy locations to hang the art.

  • The theme is the circle, representing the Seedstock community currency to benefit our local businesses and non-profits.
  • Participating artists included Liza J. Lee, Carolyn Kramer, Stacy Sakai, Bill Higginson, Olga Rybalko, Jamil Keyani, Sarazen Brooks and Miriam Aroeste.

We found a location at Red Room Salon – 948 Howe Street, Vancouver. This very busy salon and spa is across the Law Courts. This art set looks stunning on one wall, as five diptychs of circle paintings.

3D Virtual Galleries

As an artist or gallerist, showing art on the internet has limitations as it loses both size and spatial qualities on a 2D flat web. Now with 3D virtual web technology widely available, it’s possible to turn your website into your own 3D virtual gallery with free DIY web tools.

The timing could not be better for the launch of a virtual art gallery. LJL DECOR is one of the first online art galleries in to benefit from virtual shopping technologies. If the pilot project is successful within a online community of millions of registered members, more artists and galleries can soon take advantage of 3D virtual software to exhibit art and ultimately to facilitate sales on shopping carts!

Visit Vancouver’s First 3D Virtual Art Galleries Live!

A set of 10 circle-themed paintings in square gallery canvases 12” x 12” each are at the Red Room Salon. The circles represent how the support of local businesses helps benefit our local art community. Now these 10 circle paintings are in Vancouver’s first 3D virtual art galleries!

Now our circle paintings are also available at Vancouver’s first 3D virtual art galleries!


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