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Buy Local To Support Local Artists

April 8, 2015: Artistrun Collective is now

Thanks for the 500 Likes! We’ve reached a milestone with your community support. Therefore, we’ve joined LOCO BC and plan to participate in the Buy Local BC Art Campaign.

We are also a member of with +600 local business members.


LOCO BC is a non-profit local business alliance working to strengthen communities, grow the local economy and build strong, sustainable businesses by encouraging a shift in local purchasing by consumers, businesses and institutions/government. Our work is predicated on the belief that economic sustainability, along with social and environmental sustainability forms the bedrock of healthy and resilient communities. We encourage purchasers to buy from BC-based companies, and to buy BC goods and services based on a shared commitment to strong communities, a healthy environment, meaningful employment and fair trade practices.

About Barterfirst

First Canadian Barter Exchange (Barterfirst) was founded over 16 years ago. It focuses on service and results and have generated millions of dollars in new business for members. Barterfirst currently has over 600 local members, as well as affiliates across Canada, the United States and  around the world.

About The Art Party

The Art Party is a social innovation club in East Vancouver that promotes Buy Local to Support Local Artists to +10,000 contacts on social media.

In 2015, with the advice of Spring, we made a pivot and launched the Social Innovation Meetup for “conscious + savvy innovators” which has over 1,000 members in Vancouver.


CoinFest Art Show and Live Auction

CoinFest Art & Trade Show

Artistrun Collective is part of the Bitcoin Coop sponsored event, CoinFest Art & Trade Show at 250 Smithe. CoinFest is back to showcase what 2014 has in store! Bitcoin continues to soar to record highs, as more and more major organizations back Bitcoin. Vancouver has remained in the spotlight since the Bitcoiniacs brought the world’s first Bitcoin ATM (by RoboCoin) to Vancouver. CoinFest includes education on Bitcoin, Barter and Seedstock.*

Artistrun Collective produced the CoinFest Art Show on Feb 15, 2014, with art made from DE-circulated Canadian pennies that can be purchased with Bitcoin. The social change theme of the group art exhibition is:

“Out with the old fiat currency. In with the new virtual currency”.

Artists for the Bitcoin-themed show and exhibitors in the trade show included: Ian Robert Knight, Raymond Chow, Carolyn Kramer, Liza J. Lee, Bill Higginson and Olga Rybalko.

CoinFest Art & Tradeshow and Computer Art Show (Co-curator, Wesley Yuen):

CoinFest hosted a fundraiser launch for The Canadian Sound Therapy Arts Society to use the power of art and nature to create dialogue and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in Canada. As part of the mandate and as access producer, the Society has several weekly time slots on community television channel broadcast on Shaw Cable 4.

CoinFest Vancouver is part of the international CoinFest event, across Canada and other countries. It’s a fun-filled day and evening event about cryptocurrency. Practice and learn about the revolutionary technology and concept behind new digital money. Perfect for both aficionados and newcomers of Bitcoin, Seedstock and Barter!*

Vancouver’s CoinFest proudly presented a live Art Auction hosted by Paul Becker, Director of Sales for Stewart Stephenson Modern Art Gallery. This exciting event had art for all levels of collectors including works starting at only $75. Featured artists include: Marcus Glenn the official artist for the 2014 Grammy Awards, Shepard Fairey the man behind “Obey Giant” and the iconic Obama “Hope” poster, Romero Britto, the official artist for the 2014 World Cup, Raymond Chow local pillar of the Vancouver art community and Vancouver’s hottest art sensation Stewart Stephenson. This was an action packed event with great art, by great artists at the best prices possible.

What is CoinFest?

CoinFest 2014 was held internationally, utilizing the borderless properties of Bitcoin to foster communication and trade across far-flung regions of the globe. It functioned as a way to stimulate the Bitcoin economy, and structured in a decentralized manner. CoinFest booked several venues in Vancouver simultaneously with satellite venues all over the word, including a virtual Google Hangout. The event was initiated and organized by Bitcoin Coop co-founder Andrew Wagner, a dedicated volunteer and Founder of CoinFest.


* In November, the Canada Revenue Agency issued a statement clarifying the tax treatment of Bitcoin. The statement is a brief outline which states that tax rules apply when Bitcoin is used to pay for goods and services in the same way the rules apply for barter transactions.

Computers and Capital

The Rise of Digital Currency 

Bitcoin presents a new paradigm: the shift in money regulation from the national bureaucracy of competing banks, to the international computational world of networks and algorithms. Coinfest is an opportunity to disseminate information about these new currencies and also to reflect on what the change will come to mean. Computers and Capital presents a series of artists whose medium shifts to the same new medium that digital currencies are moving towards: the computer. How does the computer work as a canvas, and how does this cultural canvas relate to a digital shift in our global financial system? As financial power shifts from the hands of the national economic hierarchy into the processing power of our chips and laptops, what will the societal implications be?

Computers and Capital hopes to provide a forum to begin to consider these questions: to promote education and awareness of digital currency, and to think about what it will mean on a broader, social level.

Computers and Capital consists of an online exhibit published at and a physical one co-curated Feb 15 by Erik H Rzepka and Wesley Yuen for Coinfest 2014 in Vancouver, BC:

CoinFest Art & Tradeshow and Computer Art Show (Co-curator, Wesley Yuen):


Circle Paintings at 3D Virtual Art Galleries

3D Virtual Art Galleries

Enjoy Livestream Music Too!

It started with a virtual art show and a tiny budget of $60 for a Facebook ad campaign for 16 circle paintings in the Seedstock Virtual Art Show. We received a lot of likes and comments, so we decided to look for shops at busy locations to hang the art.

  • The theme is the circle, representing the Seedstock community currency to benefit our local businesses and non-profits.
  • Participating artists included Liza J. Lee, Carolyn Kramer, Stacy Sakai, Bill Higginson, Olga Rybalko, Jamil Keyani, Sarazen Brooks and Miriam Aroeste.

We found a location at Red Room Salon – 948 Howe Street, Vancouver. This very busy salon and spa is across the Law Courts. This art set looks stunning on one wall, as five diptychs of circle paintings.

3D Virtual Galleries

As an artist or gallerist, showing art on the internet has limitations as it loses both size and spatial qualities on a 2D flat web. Now with 3D virtual web technology widely available, it’s possible to turn your website into your own 3D virtual gallery with free DIY web tools.

The timing could not be better for the launch of a virtual art gallery. LJL DECOR is one of the first online art galleries in to benefit from virtual shopping technologies. If the pilot project is successful within a online community of millions of registered members, more artists and galleries can soon take advantage of 3D virtual software to exhibit art and ultimately to facilitate sales on shopping carts!

Visit Vancouver’s First 3D Virtual Art Galleries Live!

A set of 10 circle-themed paintings in square gallery canvases 12” x 12” each are at the Red Room Salon. The circles represent how the support of local businesses helps benefit our local art community. Now these 10 circle paintings are in Vancouver’s first 3D virtual art galleries!

Now our circle paintings are also available at Vancouver’s first 3D virtual art galleries!


Seedstock Virtual Art Show 2013

16 Paintings from 8 Artists 

ART FOR SALE Click on each image below to see large detailed image of each painting from the “Seedstock Virtual Art Show“. See close up details on our Facebook Album.


Stacy Sakai, Artist


Sarazen Brooks, Artist


Liza J. Lee, Artist & Writer


Carolyn Kramer, MFA, Artist 


Bill Higginson, Artist & Art Director (Also Image Bottom Left)


Jamil Keyani, Artist (Image on Right)


Olga Rybalko, Artist


Miriam Aroeste, Artist

QR Code Art Show Culture Days 2011

Artistrun Collective QR Code Art Show 

Vancouver, Canada – The Artistrun Collective QR Code Art Show takes place during the second annual Culture Days to raise community awareness, accessibility and public engagement through the use of QR codes. This show will be promoted on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and unique QR codes to encourage the viewer to obtain the location of the Old Foundry Building for the free reception on Saturday, October 1, 2011 (3 pm to 9 pm) at 1790 Vernon Drive, Vancouver across from Unitow.

At the historic Old Foundry Building, the public will also meet the diverse Artistrun Collective: Liza J. Lee, Carolyn Kramer, Stacy Sakai, Rojia Dadashzadeh and James Landecker. The group will unveil four newly commissioned collaborative art works on wood panels to demonstrate the “mashup” of individual art styles and mixed media, along with over 40 original art pieces. Auret Esselen will provide a live singing performance during the reception. Sponsors include Fuzion, Vancouver Foundation, Prosyna Communication, Pacific Coast Information Systems (PCIS) and Sound Therapy Radio.

In addition to the sign-in book on October 1, guests are encouraged to scan the Artistrun Collective QR Code on location for a chance to win free art and prizes. People of all ages will also enjoy the antiquity of the Old Foundry Building, once accessible by boat a century ago. Over the decades, it has been the manufacturing hub for marine parts, wood processing, railway parts, mining supplies, as well as cast steel, cast iron, bronze and copper products. It is now the location of several artist studios, ranging from stone sculptures, to paintings and costumes.

About QR Codes

The QR (Quick Response) code is two-dimensional and readable by QR barcode readers and camera phones. It consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background with encoded information of text, URLs or other data. The QR Code contains information in both vertical and horizontal directions, whereas a bar code contains data in one direction only. Therefore, the QR Code holds considerably greater volume of information than a bar code. Although popular in Japan, the adoption rate has been much slower in Canada.

However, the aesthetic appeal of QR codes, the rise of smartphones and call to actions with incentives is furthering its adoption rate. Also, the ability to measure click-through rates, while capturing temporal, geographic and demographic data make QR codes a rising interest among advertisers. QR codes connect the physical world of print, from newspapers, magazines, business cards, clothing, signage, or other materials to the virtual world of the internet. PCIS will use a soon to be released social media analytics web application to track QR codes on posters in Vancouver to measure the adoption rate of QR codes.

About the Artistrun Collective (formerly

The Artistrun Collective was involved in the inaugural 2010 Culture Days (post below) for the “Craftivism Show”, which was promoted as one of 4500 events in over 700 cities across Canada in the Globe & Mail. The show featured 20 local artists who exhibited 60 art pieces that utilize found materials and recycling due to the theme of sustainable community including anti-consumerism, slow time, geo-social networking, environmentalism and sustainability. The “Craftivism Show” reflected the Culture Days value that a vibrant arts and cultural sector contributes directly to a healthy and stable society.

The Artistrun Collective was co-founded in 2000 and coined after the “artist-run centre”, a term for artist-initiated and artist-centric approaches to promoting art events. is also an artist collective, where its members work together and share social media assets: WordPress blog, Twitter and Facebook to announce the upcoming Artistrun Collective QR Code Art Show for Culture Days.

QR Code Art Show Flickr Set

Craftivsm Art Show Culture Days 2010

Craftivsm Art Show Reception

Vancouver, Canada – The Craftivism Art Show was in the Saturday (6pm to 8pm), September 25, 2010 edition of the Globe & Mail newspaper for its opening hosted by Raw Canvas at 1046 Hamilton Street in Yaletown, Vancouver. The reception and free painting workshop to the public was one of the first Culture Days ( activities across Canada.

The show ran for two days on September 25 and 26, where 20 local artists will be promoting 60 art pieces that utilize found materials and recycling due to the theme of sustainable community including anti-consumerism, slow time, geo-social networking, environmentalism and sustainability. Sponsors include Overtime Building Maintenance (green cleaning company) and Vancouver Foundation (Small Community Grant).

In an innovative response to the recent 92% cut in funding to the arts by the BC government all paintings, reduced 92% from their original conceptual size, are 8”x8” triptych paintings, at a cost of $110.40 including HST each.

Artists include: Dr. Lycia Trouton*, Liza J. Lee, Bob Garlick, Raymond Chow, Carolyn Kramer, Joe Sala, Monika Blichar, Andrew Briggs, Frances Sky, Sarah Mulder, Joy Hanser, Stacy Sakai, Rocio Graham, Bernadine Fox, Sarazen Brooks, Rheanna Fancypants, Vicki Rae, J. Peachy, G Luve, Miriam Aeroeste and Brent Ray Fraser.

Historically, the number 8 has figured prominently in many cultures. Perfection, infinity, balance, cosmic love and prosperity are only a few of the qualities represented by the number. Although in no way planned it appears to be recurring throughout “The Craftivism Downsized Art Show”.

UNTIL OCTOBER 30: Rootdown Cafe at 128 E. Broadway & Main Street is hosting The Craftivism (Downsized) Art Show from October 2 during The Drift until October 30. FREE COVER

Select “Craftivism” and The Drift artists will also perform live at the “The Golden Brush Art Competition” in collaborative teams on October 2 (7:30 pm to 10:30 pm) at 1-258 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver.

“The Craftivism Downsized Art Show” provides a platform for exciting and progressive works by local artists giving a strong sense of vitality and community.

Craftivism Art Show Flickr Set

* Dr. Lycia Trouton is a public artist with ongoing Art Show called “The Linen Memorial“.

The Craftivsm Art Show references an intimate, yet public, monument to those killed, The Linen Memorial is created on white, linen squares or handkerchiefs, with the names printed and overstitched with embroidery (2004 – 9), and also, with the first names sewn with strands of hair (started 2010).

This troubles memorial is a hybrid memorial grounded equally in contemporary sculpture and funerary textiles. There are specifics to the historical context of the material culture of linen and the socio-political landscape of Northern Ireland.